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Wildebeest migration in Kenya


Did you know that wildebeest migration is among the seven wonders of Africa?

Kenya is located in East Africa, teeming with undulating savannah, neighbouring Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the south, Ethiopia to the North and Somalia to the north-east. This country is politically stable and on good terms with the neighbours which is one of the factors that has boosted its tourism.

Kenya has a variety of attractions both artificial and natural attractions which led to the establishments of national parks and game reserves. The attractions are the untouched wildlife in form of vegetation, wild animals and bird species. This has attracted different activities such as game drives, bird watching, Nairobi city tours, hiking among others.

National parks in Kenya are blessed with the big five animals (Lions, buffalos, elephants, leopards and rhinos) and the big cats like the lions, cheetah, leopards among others. As Kenya has diverse wildlife, it has an interesting wonder of the wildebeest migration. The migration takes place in Masai Mara national park as they cross to neighbouring Tanzania in Serengeti national park.

The wildebeest migration is not an everyday movement but it's seasonal and it happens from November to December. The wildebeests are escorted by thousands of zebras and elands. You need to know that wildebeests are in the family of antelopes and they migrate in millions hence termed as millions of wildebeest migration.

They migrate to search for lush grazing grounds and life-giving water. This treacherous odyssey is dictated by the seasons and where the rains are, the wildebeest are not far behind. Most tourist wonder where the migration starts and the answer is, the migration starts from the southern part (Serengeti national park) in Tanzania where the births take place. Serengeti national park, spend more time compared to Masai Mara national park.

These migrations can be witnessed as you take a game drive in the Masai Mara national reserve and enjoy the adventure. As they take the movements, the crocodiles in the rivers (Grumeti River) crossed and other predators like the lions and the leopards kill some of them and they still seem to be untouched.

As the movement of wildebeest depends on pasture and water, the migration cannot be predicted. This is because sometimes it can take in the months of early July or late August. Also, they use different routes while on their movements and this is a sign of security from predators.

How to sight wildebeests on your safari to Kenya?

We are experts in East Africa safaris and we monitor progress of the Migration and can take you close to the mega herds. Once here, the driver guide will switch off the engine and just watching as the millions of animals graze and move is the best way to soak up this spectacle. Remember to put the camera down, and properly take it all in, listening to the snorting and snuffling of the herd.

Among the wildebeests, you’ll see Thomson’s gazelle, zebra and eland, and look out for predators in the long grass, eyeing up their next meal. Although there’s a general push north during the dry season, the Wildebeest Migration involves a fair bit of meandering, too, so it’s fascinating to observe the massing and moving of the wildebeests up close. Herds tend to cross back and forth over the rivers, following the rains and the fresh grass. At the Mara River, it’s possible to see different herds crossing in different directions on the same day!

Book a wildebeest migration safari to Maasai Mara national reserve; we are ready to take you there.

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