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Uganda Birding Safaris.

Winston Churchill described Uganda as ‘the Pearl of Africa’ and this came about after seeing the beauty of this country. The country is filled with beautiful sceneries, savannah and rain forest vegetation, water bodies, over 50 unique and welcoming cultures, wildlife in form of birds and animals among others.

Uganda is a prominent tourist destination in Africa, primarily because of its diverse wildlife and natural beauty. Not only does it boat wild animals in its 10 national parks, but also over 1000 species of birds. Uganda has more than 1000 bird species including the rare ones which can easily be spotted in wetlands, forests plus migratory birds that come from Europe, Asia and the rest of Africa.

Birding safaris in Uganda take you to the most popular birding destinations that are both private and government-owned with Albertine endemics and of which others are cannot be spotted anywhere in the world. Each destination has a unique bird that makes it stand out from many for example Mabamba swamp for Shoebill stork, Kibale forest for green breasted pitta and many others.

Birding tours to this destination can be done on a boat cruise, canoe, game drive and even walking. All you need to have is a pair of binoculars, a hat and drinking water to keep you fresh, a bird book and the local bird guide to take you to the best spotting points.


Mabamba bay swamp.

Located in Lake Victoria just a few kilometres from Entebbe. It is famous for having a rare shoebill stork which you can’t miss while on your birding day to this swamp. Other birds that can be spotted here include the black-headed Herons, malachite kingfisher, African jacana, yellow-billed duck, papyrus gonolek, African marsh harrier, black kite, the swamp flycatcher among others.

Budongo forest.

This is situated in southern part of Murchison falls conservation area and a natural forest harbouring over 300 bird species hence good for birding. Among the birds that can be spotted here include black collared lovebirds, Ituri batis, brown twin spot, African kingfisher and Cassin’s spine tail.

Kibale national park.

The park is famous for primates but also has over 375 bird species with the green breasted pitta that make it a unique birding destination. Other unique birds are the great blue turacos, yellow spotted barbet, white napped pigeon, grey wigged robin, dusty-blue flycatcher, red chested owlet, purple breasted sunbird and much more.

Queen Elizabeth national park.

This is a savannah park but an underground forest in Kyambura which inhabits not only birds but also primates. There are savannah birds in Kasenyi plains and water birds in Kazinga channel bringing a total to 600 bird species such as African kingfishers, African skimmer, black-headed gonolek, pink-backed pelicans, and African mourning collared dove.

Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Being home to mountain gorillas, it is also good for birding with over 350 species including 23 Albertine rift endemics and 14 can’t be recorded anywhere. Birds here include Fraser’s eagle, handsome francolin, blue-headed sunbird, western bronze-napped pigeon and more.

Lake Mburo National Park.

Smallest savannah national park in the pearl of Africa, and the nearest park from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It is good for birding which takes place in Warukiri and Rwonyo and at the lake. Birds here are greenwood hoopoe, blue-napped mouse bird, African grey hornbill, majestic crown crane, Nubian woodpecker among others.

Semuliki national park.

The true birders' paradise came after discovering the birds in this park and these include blue-billed malimbe, yellow-throated nicator, great blue and Ross’s turacos among others.

Mgahinga national park.

Should not be underestimated because of its small size. It is home to over 180 birds and these include brown woodland warbler, stripe-breasted tit, olive pigeon, and Rwenzori batis among others.

Murchison falls national park.

Other than having the world’s strongest waterfalls, also good for bird watching where you can spot birds like swamp flycatcher, goliath heron, Abyssinian ground hornbill, and the shoebill stork.

Rwenzori Mountains National Park.

Birding is during the hike and this destination has over 177 bird species of which 19 are Albertine rift endemics these include blue-headed and golden-winged sunbird, Rwenzori turacos among others.


Uganda is a beautiful country with favourable weather and this means that any time of the year birding experience can be done. We are ready to take you there for your big birding safari.

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