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Kampala is situated in the central part of Uganda-the pearl of Africa. It is the most heavily populated and largest commercial city in the country, located along the shores of Lake Victoria - the biggest fresh water lake in Africa.

It occupies seven hills (old Kampala hill, Mengo hill, Kibuli hill, Rubaga hill, Namirembe hill, Nsambya hill and Nakasero hill) within five administrative divisions including Nakawa, Kampala central, Kawempe, Rubaga and Makindye divisions. It is also known to be the most populated area in Uganda as people migrate to search for a living, education, settlement, business among other reasons.

Kampala is in Buganda kingdom which is a strong cultural institution in Uganda headed by Kabake - the king. The palace and the headquarters of this kingdom are located on Mengo hill.

Many authors refer to the city as the green city of the sun and this is because of the presence of green trees in the city and the sun overhead throughout the years. Other than the flourishing culture, Kampala has been the meeting point and hub for big conferences due to world class hotel facilities, like Kampala Serena hotel, common resort Munyonyo, Hotel Africana and so much more. Big conferences have been held here including CHOGM in 2007.

The city has become a tourist destination due to different attractions, fascinating accommodation facilities, welcoming and hospital people, presence of financial institutions like banks, transport networks and its closeness to the Entebbe international airport as well as easy transportation by use of newly introduced cubs like safe boda, taxify, uber among others.


The attractions that can be visited while in this city include;

Uganda museum.

This is located in Kamwokya, just besides the Uganda wildlife Authority headquarters. It is the oldest museum in East Africa established in 1908 and it displays historical and cultural pieces of Uganda such as the first vehicle to be driven by Ugandan president. It displays all the cultures of Uganda, African artefacts, dressing code, craft work and so much more.

Religious sites.

These include the Bahai temple, Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals, and Gadhafi mosque that give an insight into religious diversity present in Uganda. They also offer impressive views of unique building structures built in early 19th century.

Local markets.

Some fresh food markets in Kampala include the Nakasero central market, St. Balikuddembe (Owino), Wandegeya, Nakawa and many others that offer the true Ugandan fresh foods and fruits plus fabrics.

Meet the aggressive Ugandans selling fresh produce and the noise as they call the buyers from the open streets.

Cultural sites.

Due to the presence of many cultural institutions, Kampala presents historical sites including Kabaka’s lake and palace. Kabaka’s lake is a man-made lake that was dug by Kabaka Mwanga II to be an escape route from the British attacks and until now, it’s still a good cultural and historical site.

Kabaka’s palace is on the other hand located at Mengo hill and this is where all the kingdom meetings and parliament sit. Learn more about the Buganda kingdom as you take a visit to these historical sites.

Monuments and statues.

These are situated in open places, all around the city; these include independence monument, Kabaka Mutesa II monument, and the liberation monument at Kololo airstrip and statues on Kabaka Anjagala road as you head to Kabaka’s palace that illustrate different Buganda clans with their respective totems.

Historical sites.

Kasubi tombs is one example of a historical site in Kampala, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and it is an important area where kings and the royal family members of Buganda kingdom are buried. The grass thatched hut which was built by Kabaka Mutesa I as a palace and then turned into a burial site after his death gives visitors an impressing insight into the true village houses.

Art galleries.

 Different art galleries are scattered around the city, including the Asante gallery where pieces of art, paintings, crafts, prints and more of the talented men and women are displayed for viewing and you can purchase some as a souvenir to support these young people.

A lot can be discovered while in Kampala and a night life is also a good option, visiting beaches on Lake Victoria in Kampala or Entebbe.

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