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Accommodation Facilities in Queen Elizabet

Luxury Accommodation


Kyambura Game lodge

Located on the eastern extension of Queen Elizabeth National park, it's drafted using Eco-friendly accoutrements fixed by native experts,

Accommodation is presented in luxury cabins that are Grass thatched, capacious, complexion- contained, and its installations include a swimming pool, bonfires, café, couch, bar.

Mweya safari lodge.

Located in the Mweya peninsular inside the park presenting luxury accommodation with 32 standard apartments, 12 luxe apartments, 2 suites, the presidential lodges, 2 luxury canopies, and 2 standard canopies.

Mweya safari lodge features these general installations that are entered by all the guests, eatery and cookery, swimming pool, the gift shop, the business Centre, conference installations, the Tembo bar, Mweya Information Centre.


Hippo safari lodge

Is a luxury tented camp in the park presenting tented accommodation with private toilets, good space, en-suite installations with cold and hot water, gallery, and installations which are dining and a well- grazed bar?


Ishasha nature camp

It's located in the Ishasha sector in the demesne, it consists of 10 commodious oil apartments, a thatched central chesterfield and dining area, backcountry showers and flushing Eco-friendly toilets, Wi-Fi internet access.


Jacana safari lodge

The Jacana Safari Lodge is an upscale/ luxury accommodation establishment in Queen Elizabeth National Park, jacana safari lodge is girdled by magical Maramagambo timber for perfect relaxation in the nature. The public area and the apartments at the lodge are raised from the ground presenting a view of the timber cover, it's located on the edge of the crater Lake.

Jacana Safari Lodge installations include 12 en- suite cabins, couch, eatery and bar, swimming pool, sauna, massage, and captain's table on the crater.

The accommodation at the lodge is presented in single and double/ twin residency apartments with a aggregate of 24 beds. the apartments are tone- contained.



Mid-range accommodation


Marafiki safari lodge

Marafiki safari lodge is among the stylish-range lodgment in Queen Elizabeth public demesne overlooking Lake George. The lodge is designed with thatched lodges which are beautifully drafted using original stuff which have open- air showers to give you the real African nature experience. The bottom is made of wood with oil walls that can be wrapped to give you a price beyond the views of

Accommodation at Marafiki safari lodge offers accommodation in 4 timber cabins that give space and comfort for mid-range trippers and they also have 3 luxury safari canopies that are raised on rustic bottoms and oil walls which can be rolled up to let you sit comfortably viewing the savannah plains with stunning views across Rwenzori mountains and queen Elizabeth national park.


Enganzi game lodge


Enganzi safari lodge is positioned in Kichwamba overlooking the northern part of the notorious Queen Elizabeth national park, mountain Rwenzori and Albertine rift.

The lodge has gigantic suites with well- furnished resting areas and lodges that are lawn thatched with dry banana leaves arranged in a upwardly style giving you stunning views of the vast Champaign plains of the demesne and a beautiful view over the sundecks down to the tableland.

The lodge has apartments that are supplied with hydroelectricity power, ultramodern showers, flushing toilets, and bathtubs. Enganzi game lodge has a good eatery with original and transnational dishes and a well- grazed bar with staff that's drinking and friendly hence giving you a comfortable stay at Queen Elizabeth public demesne.

Queen Elizabeth bush lodge

Queen Elizabeth backcountry lodge is part of the nature lodges that forms an excellent base for your safari conditioning while in Queen Elizabeth public demesne. Bush Lodge is erected near the demesne on the borders with Kazinga channel. The lodge gives you colorful accommodation options for budget guests ranging from 12 tone- contained bandas, 2 tone- contained bandas, and 12non-self-contained canopies.

The bandas are erected in African armature with lawn-thatched rooftops made up of original accoutrements on a raised rustic platform in the backcountry to give you a true nature experience overlooking River Kamera and the Kazinga channel. Queen Elizabeth backcountry lodge has a good eatery that offers original and transnational reflections and a well- grazed bar with soft, hard, and hot drinks.


Park view safari lodge

Demesne view safari lodge is located at the outskirts of Queen Elizabeth public demesne 16 km down from Kyambura game reserve overlooking the demesne.

The lodge is erected using ultramodern and original accoutrements that make you witness the true African nature.

The lodge has lawn-thatched lodges with big bathtubs, hot water, air conditioners, Wi-Fi, eatery, formal bar, remembrance shop, and sundecks made up of African hardwood giving you a beautiful view of Rwenzori mountain ranges, western rift vale arm as well as Kazinga Channel which joins Lake George to lake Edward.


Buffalo safari lodge

Buffalo safari lodge is in Bushenyi on Katunguru Bridge near Kazinga channel at Queen Elizabeth public demesne in western Uganda. The lodge has 17 well- designed standard and luxe lodges in different sizes erected with lawn-thatched roofs offering-range accommodation. The lodge has well- furnished and decorated apartments with mosquito nets, an air conditioner, flushing toilets, hot and cold showers. The lodge has sundecks made up of African wood which gives you beautiful views of savannah plains, wildlife as well as Kazinga Channel which joins Lake Edward to Lake George.

The lodge has an eatery with educated staff that serves original and transnational dishes grounded on the choice of the caller.

The lodge also has a well- grazed bar with soft, hard, and cold drinks similar as tonics, wines, and beer to mention but a many. Buffalo safari lodge has a standby creator, ample parking space, laundry services, Wi-Fi, a health and fitness center, business centers, and a conference hall.


Inguru forest safari lodge

This lodge is plant in Katunguru skirting the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth public demesne. The lodge is notorious for its down-to- earth style and offers isolated en- suite tented camps, batches, and a backcountry camp. The lodge is girdled by a high attention of wildlife similar as mammoths, hippos, leopards as well as different raspberry species.

the lodge has ample parking, a participated chesterfield area, gift shop, beautiful theater, designated smoking area, Wi-Fi, laundry services, a well- grazed bar, and a good eatery giving you original and transnational dishes.


Kasenyi safari camp

Kasenyi safari camp is amid-range exchange lodge located on the hem of salty Lake Bunyampaka in the Kasenyi savannah of Queen Elizabeth public demesne. The lodges are made up of a thatched cover roof with en suite bathrooms, private balconies, and commodious living areas on a raised platform giving you a great view of Queen Elizabeth public demesne and wild creatures as well as stunning views of Lake Bunyampaka.

Installations at Kasenyi safari camp include free Wi-Fi, laundry services, wildlife viewing, a well- grazed bar, and an eatery.


Budget accommodation


Engiri game lodge

Located in Katunguru within Queen Elizabeth public demesne.

The lodge is near the demesne's spots including Mweya, Kasenyi, Kyambura, and others and guests can fluently connect there and back to the lodge in a short time and have enough time to relax at the lodge. Accommodation at Engiri Game lodge is handed in;

Family lodges are made up of a bedroom with a king bed and binary beds, a living room, kitchen and are tone- contained with bathrooms and toilets.

Basic lodges have double or binary beds and bathrooms

Introductory canopies are positioned strategically overlooking the auditoriums of the lodge. The canopies don't have beds, but mattresses are handed. They've showers.

Other installations and services at the lodge include; a well- grazed bar, a Restaurant, an English breakfast, Wi-Fi in public areas, designated smoking areas, Laundry services.


Simba safari camp.

Simba safari camp is located near the ambit crossing area at the border of Queen Elizabeth. It's positioned on a hill overlooking the vast Champaign of Queen Elizabeth and Lake Kikorongo.

Accommodation is handed in; Family lodges with two bedrooms, a king-size bed, binary beds, a redundant bed, a restroom, a living room, and a wide gallery. En suite apartments are double/ binary and triadic apartments. They've double beds, single beds, and binary beds. They're commodious and comfortable with a restroom and toilets and a gallery.

Dormitory apartments with comfortable beds on decker’s, there are dorms with 3 double-deckers, 5 double-deckers, and 10 double-deckers. They've bathrooms with hot and cold handling water.

Campground, there's a well- positioned campground at Simba safari camp where you can stay using your camping outfit.

Other installations and services for guests at the lodge include; Delicious reflections at the eatery, a well- grazed bar, a large chesterfield area, Wi-Fi in public areas, Security.


Pumba safari cottages

Is positioned in the Kyambura area of Queen Elizabeth public demesne. It consists of tone- contained lodges with comfortable beds. It offers beautiful views of the demesne and you can spot some of the creatures of the demesne similar as mammoths and others.

Installations and services offered by the lodge include; Delicious food at the eatery, a well- grazed bar, Wi-Fi in the public areas, a coffee shop, Laundry services.


Tembo safari lodge

Tembo safari lodge is in Katunguru, Queen Elizabeth public demesne near the Kazinga channel. The lodge offers has introductory apartments and lodges. Basic apartments have comfortable beds, private bathrooms and are kept neat by the biddies daily. Lodges on the other side have binary apartments that are commodious and tone- contained.

Other installations and services at Tembo safari lodge include Delicious reflections at the Café a well- grazed bar, free internet in public areas, Satellite TV.


Kazinga channel view resort

Kazinga Channel View resort is in Katunguru near Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth public demesne. The lodge offers accommodation in Banda’s. There are single and double lodges that are tone- contained. It also has a camping point where callers are needed to carry their camping outfit.

The lodge is positioned in an area that enables guests to fluently pierce other areas for game drives, boat sails, chimp trekking, timber walks, raspberry watching, and others. The lodge offers spectacular views of the surroundings including the Kazinga channel. Installations and services offered by Kazinga Channel view include; A eatery, A well- grazed bar, Free internet, Laundry services


Mweya hostels and lodges

Mweya hostels and lodges are located on Mweya peninsular in the heart of Queen Elizabeth. Both Mweya safari caravansaries and the lodges are commodious and tone- contained with bathrooms and flushing toilets.

Mweya safari caravansaries accommodate families of further than 5 members, with a living room, kitchen, and a gallery. Installations and services offered by the lodgment include a eatery, a well- grazed bar, free internet, Housekeeping services.


River Ishasha lodge

River Ishasha lodge in located in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth known as Ishasha, the area where the tree climbing Napoleons are plant. It's positioned near River Ishasha which gives a cool relaxation and offers nice views of River Ntungwe. It comprises tone- contained lodges with comfortable beds.

Installations and services offered by the lodge include; Restaurant, A well- grazed bar, A chesterfield area, a Relaxing area, and a bonfire Content lodge

Located Queen Elizabeth, close to the gate to Ishasha where the tree climbing Napoleons live. Topi loge enables the sightseer to enjoy the nature and offers spectacular views around the demesne. The tone- contained apartments of the lodge are comfortable and commodious.

Other installations and services at Topi lodge are; an eatery bar, Wi-Fi, Housekeeping services.

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