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Uganda has a lot to discover and spot while on your safari and this 12days safari will take you to the most prominent national parks with an abundance of wildlife such as primates, the big five animals, big cats, antelopes and cultures of Bakiga, Batooro and Batwa.

These will be covered in activities like gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, rhino trekking, cultural encounter, community tours, game drives and boat cruises. Also, other attractions visited are the Uganda Equator, Uganda museum, local markets like Owino and Nakasero markets among others. This safari is more memorable and enjoyable with the best experience ever.

Detailed itinerary.

Day 1: arrival ad transfer to a hotel in Kampala.

Ugandan is well known for their hospitality, you will be welcomed by our tour representative at Entebbe international airport and quickly brief you about this safari. They make a transfer to a booked accommodation facility depending on the type of the safari

Day 2: transfer to L. Mburo national park with an evening Boat cruise.

Have a leisurely breakfast at the hotel balcony as you enjoy the beautiful scene of Kampala. Later on, transfer to Lake Mburo national park in Kiruhura district western Uganda. This is known as the smallest savannah national park in Uganda and at the same time the nearest to the capital city of the country taking just 3 hours’ drive. It has diverse wildlife both water and land mammals and you will be welcomed with a good sight of Ankole cattle grazing with zebras and other antelopes.

The journey to the park through Masaka rewards you with a sightseeing of the renowned Uganda Equator at Kayabwe where you can take memorable photos and do some experience. At this point, you can also buy some crafts as souvenirs for friends, relatives and other loved ones back home. You will embark on the evening boat cruise where you will spot crocodiles and hippos and then warthogs, antelopes and buffalos on the banks. Then check-in the accommodation facility for your overnight stay

Day 3: Morning game drive and transfer to Bwindi national park.

Take a morning game drive after breakfast where you will spot different animals such as zebras, impalas, kobs, buffalos, warthogs, oribis among others and then in the mid-morning time, transfer to Bwindi national park in southwestern Uganda. This is a UNESCO-world heritage site and this means it’s having unique features or attractions that cannot be found elsewhere such as bird species, primates like endangered mountain gorillas among others.

You will pass through the rewarding terraced Kigezi highlands and find your way to Bwindi where you will be welcomed with a glass of juice at the booked safari lodge.

Day 4: Gorilla trekking and cultural encounter

The activity of gorilla tracking will begin after taking a cup of tea or coffee and then the guide-driver will make a drive to the park offices where you will be able to attend the briefing exercise. This will guide you to make this exercise so fun after knowing the rules and regulations while trekking these endangered mountain gorillas in their natural home. Then, the park ranger will lead a group of 8 visitors into the forest and trek these beautiful cousins.

While in the forest, spot other mammals like buffalos, elephants, monkeys and different bird and butterfly species. Then after 2-3 hours of adventuring in the forest including an hour while in the presence of these gentle giants, you will head out of the forest and meet the driver guide at the park offices who will drive back to the lodge after being rewarded with a certificate.

Enjoy lunch and then visit the Batwa community and encounter their unique culture. This will be through the traditional dances, music and dishes then you may support the community by purchasing some different hand-made crafts. Later return to the lodge.

Day 5: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park via Ishasha sector.

Make a transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park immediately after breakfast where you encounter tree climbing lions. These can be spotted at Ishasha sector and again the park is the most visited conservation area in Uganda and this is because of its diverse wildlife that can be spotted even when you are just passing through its premises.

Among the animals that can be sighted include elephants, buffalos, warthogs, crocodiles and hippos in Kazinga channel, different antelopes like the bushbucks, oribis, waterbucks, Uganda kobs among others. You will check in the accommodation facility for dinner.

Day 6: Full day Queen Elizabeth park exploration.

Explore the beautiful Queen Elizabeth national park as you take a morning game drive at baboon cliff or Kasenyi plains where you will spot different wildlife such as mammals, birds and butterflies and if you are lucky enough, you will spot some snakes crossing from one side of the road to another or climbing in some trees.

After lunch, take a launch trip on the Kazinga channel where you will be able to spot crocodiles, hippos, and migratory birds. Elephants, antelopes, buffalos and warthogs can also be spotted at the banks of the Kazinga channel. Then after a great experience, we will head back to the lodge to make the night fun.

Day 7: Transfer to Kibale national park and visit Isunga cultural community.

Immediately after early morning breakfast, transfer to the home of the primates-Kibale national park which on the record to host over 13 primates including chimpanzees our beautiful cousins. Other primates here the grey-cheeked mangabey, red colobus monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys among others. It is home to big mammals such as forest elephants, buffalos among others.

On arrival in Kibale, you will be served lunch and a visit to the mighty Isunga Cultural community and adventure in Batooro and Bakiga cultures. This can be done through traditional dances, ceremonies and languages.

You have an option of visiting the cultural site of Isunga cold springs that rewards you with the best adventure of discovering water bubbling from the ground while cold traditionally believed that the traditional healer left his powers on this spot. Then check in the accommodation site booked.

Day 8: Chimpanzee trekking and visit Amabere caves in Fort portal.

Drive to Kanyanchu information centre to be briefed about the chimpanzee trekking and Kibale forest at large. Then you will be head to the forest after a 30 minutes exercise of being told the truth and start the search of these gentle giants. Then on finding them for the first time, you will be granted an hour where you will take photos and recorded memorable videos. Note that the trek can even take between 2-3 hours of adventure and then head out of the forest accompanied with a certificate and then drive to the lodge for lunch.

Afterwards, visit Amabere caves in Fortportal tourism city where the geographical stalactite and stalagmites that form caves have traditional beliefs and story concerned about Bacwezi culture and also, have a view of Nyakasura falls. Then after a hike, Mwegenywa hill will give you a better view of the city, 3 crater lakes and the Rwenzori ranges hence good for photographic moments and after drive back to the lodge.

Day 9: Transfer to Murchison falls national park and view top of the falls.

Transfer to Murchison falls national park the largest conservation area in Uganda hence known for its world’s strongest water falls-Murchison falls and it was called Kabalega falls. The River Nile where these falls are located divides the park into two parts forming the northern and southern parts. The southern park is forested areas joining Budongo forest and the northern part is savannah vegetation good for game drives. The journey rewards you with the best adventure of viewing tea plantations, natural forest, rocks and hills among others.

On arrival, visit the top of Murchison falls and witness how the rainbow is formed after powerful water squeezes its self in a small tunnel. Then cross to the northern part using a ferry and check in the accommodation for dinner and overnight.

Day 10: Game drive and boat cruise.

Take a morning game drive in the northern part and be able to spot different wildlife such as tree species like whistling acacia, animals like zebras, kobs, buffalos, warthogs, oribis, elephants, leopards, lions, among other and also different bird-like lovebirds, Abyssinian ground hornbill among others.

Take an afternoon boat or launch cruise on Albert Nile where you will be able to spot crocodiles, schools of hippo and elephants on the banks. On this day you have an option of switching the game drive to a ballooning safari.

Day 11: Transfer to Kampala and a stopover at the Ziwa for rhino trekking.

Transfer back to Kampala after breakfast and make the first stopover at Ziwa rhino sanctuary where you will have a chance to trek the rhinos and making a complete of the big five animals. After the trek, you will be served lunch and then continue to Kampala and check in the accommodation for dinner.

Day 12: Short Kampala city tour and transfer to Entebbe international airport

Have a short city tour in Kampala where you will be able to visit the local markets of Owino and the Nakasero. Also, have a chance to visit the Uganda national museum which is the oldest museum in East Africa and this means that it is full of history and culture.

You will transfer and be dropped at Entebbe international airport for your flight back home and this will be the end of 12 days Uganda safari.

2 DAYS JINJA ADVENTURE SAFARI - 2 DAYS JINJA ADVENTURE SAFARI. Overview. This 2 days Jinja adventure rewards you with the best safari of exploring different places like Sezibwa falls in Mukono, Mabira forest, source of the Nile and White water rafting. The journey is amazing filled with amazing attractions, enroute like tea and sugar plantations, and Mabira forest with its primates like olive baboons and Vervet monkeys. Other optional activities are bird watching, horseback riding, Kayaking, tubing, quad biking, community w ....

3 DAYS BWINDI FROM KIGALI - 3 DAYS BWINDI GORILLA TOUR FROM KIGALI. Overview. The amazing safari to Bwindi national park in Uganda will begin and end in Kigali, Rwanda. This means that you will have a chance to visit two countries in East Africa within only three days. The safari will take you to visit and trek the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat as well as a visit to the Batwa community which is one of Uganda’s unique culture. This involves driving and walking safari and we are confident that you will ....

3 DAYS LAKE MBURO WILDLIFE SAFARI - 3 DAYS LAKE MBURO NATIONAL PARK SAFARI. Overview. This safari takes you to the smallest savannah national park situated in western Uganda in Kiruhura, Isingiro and Mbarara districts. The park is blessed with wildlife which you will explore while on a game drive. Among the animals to spot include zebras, buffaloes, hippos, warthogs, leopards, jackals, elands among others. It is also a good birding destination with over 300 bird species. You will take part in several activities such as game dri ....

3 DAYS QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK SAFARI - 3 DAYS QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK SAFARI. Overview Take a safari to the home of tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector and also chimpanzees our cousins in Kyambura gorge. The journey rewards you with both wildlife and culture by taking an enroute visit to the Bakiga and Batooro communities in the Isunga Cultural excursion near Kibale national park. The journey to and from this park is rewarding with an attraction like the Rwenzori ranges covered with glaciers, tea plantations valleys an ....

3 DAYS SABINYO VOLCANO CLIMBING - 3 DAYS SABYINYO VOLCANO CLIMBING TOUR. Overview. This safari will take you to the best of Mount. Sabyinyo summit which will reward you with great views of three East African countries - Uganda, Rwanda and D.R. Congo, as well as Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Kivu. While on the hike, the slopes of Sabyinyo are home to varied types of vegetation, including swamps and bamboo vegetation and different birdlife and mammals like elephants, golden monkeys and if lucky enough, you can spot mountain gorillas. ....

3 DAYS MT GAHINGA HIKE - 3 DAYS MOUNT. GAHINGA HIKE. Overview. Visit Mgahinga national park during this 3 days safari where you will be able to hike Gahinga Mountain which is part of 8 Virunga Mountains. The hike is interesting as you pass through the forest which is filled with attractions like birds, golden monkeys, red tailed monkeys and mountain gorillas. You will have interruptive moments of stopovers at the Uganda equator and in Mbarara for enroute lunch. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Transfer to Mgahinga Gorill ....

5 DAYS SEMLIKI NATIONAL PARK AND FORT PORTAL SAFARI - 5 DAYS SEMULIKI NATIONAL PARK & FORT PORTAL SAFARI. Overview. The 5 Days Semliki National Park & Fort Portal Safari rewards you a chance to explore both wildlife and culture in Fortportal city. Visiting the Sempaya hot springs with the Amabere caves combined with crater lakes exploration. You also have another adventure of visiting the Batooro and baking cultures at Isunga cultural community, crater lakes exploration through nature walks. Beautiful species that maybe viewed while on t ....

4 DAYS BWINDI AND LAKE BUNYONYI SAFARI FROM KIGALI - 4 DAYS BWINDI AND LAKE BUNYONYI SAFARI FROM KIGALI. Overview. This tour presents an opportunity for gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and a night on Lake Bunyonyi, giving primate adventure and relaxation. After trekking gorillas, there’s nothing more refreshing than spending a night on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, Africa’s second deepest, where you can do a boat ride to explore its beautiful islands and visit the people that live on the is ....

3 DAYS GOLDEN MONKEY TREKKING IN MGAHINGA NATIONAL PARK - 3 DAYS GOLDEN MONKEY TREKKING IN MGAHINGA GORILLA NATIONAL PARK. Overview. Golden monkey trekking is an amazing activity on your safari to Uganda and Africa at large. These monkeys are different from others with reddish punches all over the body, while their nostrils face upwards. The safari seems to be tiresome as it involves travelling long distances by road though amazing and rewarding with the best memories at the Uganda Equator, Igongo cultural centre, Batwa experience and the most inter ....

4 DAYS GORILLAS AND GOLDEN MONKEYS TREKKING IN MGAHINGA NATIONAL PARK - 4 DAYS MGAHINGA GORILLAS & GOLDEN MONKEY SAFARI. Overview. Embark on these 4 days safari to Mgahinga national park where you will trek two famous primates at the same destination; that is Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. You also have a chance to visit the Batwa community where you will learn more about their unique culture. Attractions on the way are the Uganda equator, Igongo cultural centre and the undulating Kigezi highlands. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Arrive at Entebbe Interna ....

3 DAYS MOUNTAIN GORILLA TREKKING IN MGAHINGA NATIONAL PARK - 3 DAYS MOUNTAIN GORILLA TREKKING IN MGAHINGA N/P. Overview. Visit the smallest national park in Uganda-Mgahinga national park in this 3 days safari where you will trek the endangered mountain gorillas. The park is situated in the Virunga Mountains and has diverse wildlife including the rare golden monkeys and gain it encompasses three inactive volcanoes and are Muhabura, Gahinga, and Sabyinyo mountains. It is home to over 250 bird species and this makes it a birders hub and they are endemics ....

3 DAYS BWINDI GORILLA TOUR AND LAKE BUNYONYI - 3 Days Bwindi Gorilla tour and Lake Bunyonyi Tour. Overview. Take a 3 day safari to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a habitat of more than 600 mountain gorillas which is close to a half of the 1060 total population known to be thriving in the entire world. The magical Kigezi hills offer impressive scenery and sightseeing experience. The park also hosts several other species of mammals, flora, amphibians, primates and insects with an estimated number of 120 mammals, 310 butterflies, 51 rept ....

3 DAYS KIDEPO FLYING SAFARI - 3 DAYS KIDEPO FLYING SAFARI. Overview This safari takes you to Kidepo valley national park, to explore the best of this most isolated national park in Uganda. Discovering its true African wilderness through a game drive and community tour to the Karamojong rewards you with the best memorable experience. This will be a fly-drive safari, departing from Kajjansi airfield and we hope you will enjoy this 3 days Kidepo valley national park safari. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Arrival and fly to Kid ....

3 DAYS MOUNT ELGON HIKING AND SIPI FALLS TOUR - 3 DAYS MOUNT ELGON HIKING & SIPI FALLS TOUR. Overview. Hiking is one of the adventures in Uganda that rewards you with the best memories. Therefore, a 3 days safari to Mount Elgon rewards you with great adventure. It also covers the culture of the Bagishu who live around this mountain, also have a chance to participate in zip lining in Mabira, visit the source of river Nile and view the starting point of the Nile River and hike to the romantic Sipi falls in Kapchorwa with 3 different fall ....

5 DAYS MOUNT ELGON HIKING EXPERIENCE - 5 DAYS MOUNT. ELGON HIKING SAFARI. Overview. One of the interesting eastern Uganda safari is this 5 days Mount. Elgon hike where you will explore the beautiful mountain which standards at an elevation of 4,321 metres above sea level. Also, this safari takes you to view the Sipi River with the romantic Sipi Falls, enjoy the caves and the source of river Nile in Jinja which is visited by cruising with a boat. Attractions en route include the Mabira forest with its primate life like olive baboon ....

4 DAYS MURCHISON FALLS SAFARI - 4 DAYS MURCHISON FALLS NP TOUR. Overview. A great safari where you have a chance to spot the big five animals in their natural habitat, spot the hippos and crocodiles among others. Also, this safari rewards you with a full hour of explore the mighty chimpanzees. With several stopovers, a major one being at Ziwa sanctuary for rhino trekking and another in Luwero at the road side market to purchase some fresh fruits. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Arrive and transfer to Murchison falls NP. Arriv ....

4 DAYS BWINDI AND LAKE MBURO SAFARI FROM KIGALI - 4 DAYS BWINDI AND LAKE MBURO SAFARI FROM KIGALI. Overview The safari takes you to the primates of Bwindi impenetrable national park and wildlife in Lake Mburo national park and also has a chance to explore one of the unique cultures in Uganda the Batwa pygmies. Your safari will commence from Kigali-Rwanda and ends in Kampala Uganda and this means that you are visiting two countries in 4 days. There is a lot you will explore such as gorillas, Uganda equator, Kigezi terraced highland, beautiful ....

4 DAYS BWINDI AND MGAHINGA DOUBLE GORILLA TREKKING - 4 DAYS BWINDI AND MGAHINGA DOUBLE GORILLA TREKKING TOUR. Overview. Visit the two national parks in Uganda where you will trek gorillas. Mountain gorillas are rare endemic species that can be spotted in Virunga Mountains and good chance, in Uganda you can find these gorillas in two national parks and this means that you have a high chance of meeting them in the forest while trekking. You will have enroute stopovers for lunch and viewing points such as at the Uganda equator. Detailed itinerary ....

5 DAYS BWINDI AND QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK SAFARI FROM KIGALI - 5 DAYS BWINDI & QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK TOUR FROM KIGALI. Overview. The safari takes you to trek the primates and enjoy a game drive with a boat cruise in Queen Elizabeth National park. You will spot bird species like Abyssinian ground hornbill, African fish eagle and malachite kingfisher. The two national parks are rewarding hence worth visiting during this 5 days safari. The safari begins and ends in Kigali - Rwanda. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Arrival at Kigali airport and transf ....

4 DAYS MGAHINGA GORILLAS AND LAKE MUTANDA TOUR - 4 DAYS MGAHINGA GORILLAS AND LAKE MUTANDA TOUR. Overview. The exciting 4 days safari to Mgahinga and Mutanda enables you to explore the smallest rain forest national park in Uganda and also visit one of the interesting lakes in Kisoro, Lake Mutanda where you will enjoy canoe rides and relax at the resort after a gorilla trekking adventure and Batwa experience in Mgahinga national park. Also have a chance to stand on the Uganda equator monument in Kayabwe for memorable pictures. Detailed itine ....

5 DAYS MURCHISON FALLS AND KIBALE FOREST SAFARI - 5 DAYS MURCHISON FALLS AND KIBALE NP SAFARI. Overview. Visit the two national parks where you will enjoy abundant wildlife that dwell in this park through game dives and chimpanzee trekking adventure. Have a chance to visit Ziwa Rhino sanctuary where you will be able to trek rhinos, Isunga cultural community for an encounter with both the Batooro and Bakiga cultures. This safari will make you spot the big 5 animals if you are lucky enough, hike to the top of falls and enjoy the beautiful view ....

5 DAYS KIDEPO SAFARI - 5 DAYS KIDEPO SAFARI. Overview. The safari is amazing as you head to the most isolated national park in Africa and passing through the indigenous forests, local roadside markets and impressive sceneries. The safari takes you to enjoy game drives, rhino trekking and cultural encounters of the Karamojong people. Among other wild animals that are rare to be spotted here include; elephant, giraffes, zebras, different antelopes and buffalos. Taking a 5 days Kidepo safari is worth a lifetime experi ....

6 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI - 6 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. Visit three national parks during this safari where you will get involved in different activities such as chimpanzee trekking, game drive, boat cruise, gorilla trekking and Cultural community visit of the Batwa pygmies. The safari is rewarding as it combines culture and wildlife and this means it will reward you with the best Ugandan experience. Prominent national parks visited include Kibale, Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi impenetrable national park. Detailed iti ....

5 DAYS SABINYO HIKING AND GORILLA TREKKING IN UGANDA - 5 DAYS SABINYO HIKING AND MGAHINGA GORILLA TREKKING. Overview Take this 5 days safari in Uganda which takes you to hike the rugged Sabyinyo volcano and again trek the remaining endangered mountain gorillas. The hike is rewarding as the summit gives the best view of three countries (DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda), you will have a city tour of either Entebbe or Kampala depending on your arrival time. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Transfer to Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Pick up from the hotel i ....

8 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI - 8 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI.   Discover the pearl of Africa as you take this 8 days safari where you will encounter both wildlife and culture. More will be seen and enjoyed while participating in the activities like game drives, boat cruises, chimpanzee and gorilla trekking and community or nature walks. The parks visited here are Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo, Kibale and Bwindi impenetrable forest. En-route lunch and stopover to and from a destination and the prominent ones include Uganda equato ....

7 DAYS BUHOMA, RUHIJA, RUSHAGA AND NKURINGO GORILLA TREKKING SAFARI - 7 DAYS BUHOMA, RUHIJA, RUSHAGA AND NKURINGO GORILLA TREKKING.   Overview. Join this exclusive 7 Days Uganda gorilla trekking safari in Bwindi Forest National park. The safari offers you 4 times’ chance to trek 4 different gorilla families in all the 4 sectors of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park. This safari is the best package to compare different gorilla families and see what makes each gorilla group unique from the other. The safari starts and ends in Kampala, Uganda&rsq ....

14 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI - 14 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. The 14 days Uganda safari rewards you with the most interesting moments and a great experience through discovering Uganda’s wildlife including the primates and the big five animals. The tour takes you to five national parks that are must visit in Uganda such as Kibale Forest NP for tracking our cousins-chimpanzees, Bwindi to trek gorillas, Queen Elizabeth for tree climbing lions among others. You will enjoy the game drives and boat trips in Lake Mburo an ....

12 DAYS UGANDA GORILLA SAFARI AND RWENZORI HIKING - 12 DAYS UGANDA GORILLA TREKKING AND RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI. Overview. This 12 days safari combines gorilla trekking and Rwenzori hike in two national parks that is Bwindi and Rwenzori mountain national park. Trekking the remaining refugees of mountain gorillas is amazing as you view them feed or groom their young ones. Also, a hike to the highest point in Uganda which is Margherita peak, passing through interesting trails and impressive mountain scenery. Detailed itinerary. Day 1: Arrival an ....

15 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI - 15 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. The 15 days safari in Uganda rewards you with the best wildlife and culture that you cannot witness anywhere. Visiting the selected areas and national parks like Kibale, Queen Elizabeth among others as you explore savannahs and rain forests alike will enable you to participate in different activities like primate trekking, boat cruises, game drives, cultural encounters, nature walks among others. The beautiful land scape of Uganda - the pearl of Africa makes y ....

16 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI - 16 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. The 16 days Uganda safari rewards you with the great experience of primate watching, scenic viewing, hiking, game viewing, cultural encounter and much more through visiting seven national parks in Uganda. Some of the activities to engage into are nature walks, game drives, boat cruise and community visits. Cultures that you will encounter in this safari include the Batooro, Bakiga, Baganda, Bagishu, Batwa and these will reward you with the best memories. The s ....

2 DAYS MOUNT RWENZORI HIKING ADVENTURE - 2 DAYS MOUNT. RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI. Overview. This safari takes you to the legendary mountains of the moon - Rwenzori national park which is located in the western district of Kasese. The hike using the Kilembe route is rewarding with primates such as blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and Rwenzori colobus if you are lucky. Other attractions include birds like the Rwenzori turacos, great blue turacos among others, varied flora, amazing mountain scenery and much more. There is a l ....

21 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI - 21 DAYS UGANDA SAFARI. Overview. Discover Uganda’s most beautiful national parks on this long Uganda safari. Spend 21 Days on a Safari in Uganda and get an opportunity to visit all different sites and places that make Uganda the Pearl of Africa. This long tour takes you to all the most exciting safari destinations in Uganda including Kidepo Valley national park, Queen Elizabeth national Park, Murchison Falls, Bwindi, Sipi Falls, Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi and Ssese Islands for a memorable ....

6 DAYS RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI - 6 DAYS RWENZORI HIKING SAFARI. Overview. Take a hike along Rwenzori Mountain where you will reach Guy Yeoman hut. The hike takes you through the bamboo forest, bog, water falls, and rivers like Mobuku as well as spotting primates like olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, and red tailed monkeys among others. Some bird species that can be spotted here include Rwenzori turacos, Handsome Francolin, Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater, Archers' Robin-chat, White-starred Robin, Rwenzori Batis and ....

8 DAYS RWENZORI CLIMBING ADVENTURE - 8 DAYS RWENZORI SAFARI. Overview. Trek Rwenzori and reach the highest point in Uganda at Margherita peak which is covered by snow. The safari is rewarding with memories as you take photos, camping moments, campfires, spotting unique wildlife such as the three-horned chameleon, primates like white and black colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys and the beautiful Rwenzori turaco's bird. Visit amazing viewpoints of the crater lakes, valleys and glaciers while on the hike. Detailed itinerary. Day ....



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