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Nile Abenteuer takes you to this great experience. I will describe a hot air balloon simply as an aircraft that is lighter than air. This aircraft consists of an envelope filled with heated air. It is usually suspended beneath a sailboat or gondola. This is also known as a high latitude balloon in the shape of a capsule. In here, passengers are carried along with a source of heat. Just like it is with aircrafts, hot air balloons also do not fly beyond the atmosphere. The envelopes of hot air balloons do not have to be sealed at the bottom because the air at its bottom is at the same pressure as the air in the surrounding. With modern sport balloons today, you will find that the nylon fabric is generally used to make up the envelop while the inlet of the balloon is made from materials that are fire resistant, take nomex for example. Hot air balloons are made in all sorts of shapes and for commercial purposes as well.

How do hot air balloons work?

Buoyancy is what summarises this. We practically understand that warm air rises, so all one needs to make a hot air balloon is an envelope, burner and basket. The pressure inside the balloon remains the same while the density of the air within the balloon changes. Hot air balloons float because the burner heats up the air caught inside the balloon which makes it less dense than the air out side. The mechanism is simply the same as how a boat floats on water.

How is Uganda’s hot air balloon experience?

For now, while at the Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national Parks, you can be taken to the launch sites for hot air balloons, you have the liberty to watch all last preparations like pumping air into the balloons, as well as given a brief of any necessary safety precautions, rules and regulations that you need before boarding the hot air balloon.

While up on a hot air balloon, it’s only a beautiful view of the green that you are assured of together with a range of wild life from above.You will see much of the wild life while way above the tree tops.

Are you looking for spectacular view, fresh air or just an adventurer? Hot air balloons is the activity for you during your stay in Uganda. It is also a perfect activity for your honeymoon. Believe me when I say that you will never forget that experience. The scenery of the water features, wild life, and the hot air balloon ride its self, will be a terrific hour of unforgettable memories.You will probably enjoy a bush breakfast in the wild and pop a champagne on your return from the hot air balloon ride.



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